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At My Oils Life we are dedicated to living natural, healthy, balanced, abundant lives and helping you do the same. We use only Young Living pure essential oils to create chemical-free homes and offices. We also offer Polarity Therapy and Light Therapy to enhance your health and wellness.

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Bodhi’s Cough

My husband and I adopted Bodhi in February. He’s super sweet, super soft and a bit rambunctious. Still a puppy, I keep telling myself. The good news is he’s a really good sleeper.

So it was quite a shock when he woke us up the other night with this awful sound – part cough, part choking, part retching. It stopped as soon as it started. And we fell back to sleep. Then it happened again. And again. And again.

The next day he seemed fine and I forgot about it until the middle of the night when it started all over again. I went online and quickly suspected he had kennel cough. The symptoms and incubation period matched perfectly. We had recently boarded him during a family trip to New England.

My first thought was to call the vet. Then, I decided to see what my essential oils could do. I rubbed three drops of R.C. into his chest and throat to support his respiratory system and two drops of Thieves onto the bottoms of his paws to support his immune system. I repeated this three times that day.

That night we all slept great. No coughing. Great, I thought. Problem solved.

The next night, though, we woke repeatedly to the same awful sound.

So, I repeated the protocol three times the following day:  R.C. on the chest and throat, Thieves on the paws. That was yesterday. I’m happy to say we all slept again last night. And I plan to continue the oils for three to five days, just to be safe.

New Bug Spray, Sunscreen & More

I’ve been making my own bug spray with essential oils for years. I fill an 8 ounce spray bottle with spring water and add 30-40 drops of Purification. I use the same bottle as a bathroom spray/air freshener.

It works quite well, but occasionally I get a mosquito bite or two. So, I’m very happy to hear that Young Living has just come out with an Insect Repellent. It’s one of three new products introduced to help us create chemical-free lives this summer.

The other two products are Mineral Sunscreen Lotion and Lava-Derm After Sun Spray. Check out this video to learn more about these new products.


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